The Evolution of Ball Gowns: 1950s to 2020s

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Being a gown lover, you have no reason to ignore the evolution of ball gowns.

Wait a minute! Are you wondering – how do we know? Well, you arrived here for a reason. Aren’t you?

If we go back in history, it appears that gown was worn by women of all classes.

From the 1950s to 2010s – many ball gowns have been designed so far. However, we’re going to show you one of the most elegant evening gowns of all time.


  1. Postwar

As you know, there were no constraints after world war II. Therefore, merchants have enough time to build an amazing fashion industry. Hence, a new trend had arrived.

At the end of the 1940s, a French designer known as Dior designed an exciting ball gown. It was a full skirt with nipped-in waists.

At first, it was considered as an unfeminine dress. Later on, it became hugely popular among women.


  1. Swingling Sixties

The postwar era was all about streamlined waists.

Women from the 60s were really uncomfortable. Ball gowns of that era were not easy to handle. In such a situation, the dance performances of many women were affected.

In the 1960s period, a drastic change took place. Dior decided to bring a more toned and streamlined ball gown for women.

Perhaps, this trend came into existence because of Patricia Donald Smith, who was an amazing model.


  1. The Era of Rights

In the 1970s, women were fortunate enough to have cozy ball gowns. In fact, they were more comfortable than ever. Do you know how did it happen?

We should say thanks to chiffon fabrics. It wouldn’t be possible to make luxurious gowns without chiffon.

Along with comfort, the designs were also improved. Women began to wear floral gowns. It’s surprising to note that 70s ball gowns are still remembered. In the upcoming decades, satin fabric become popular, which isn’t as cozy as chiffon.


  1. The Greed Decade

As the name suggests, many English nations called the 1980s greed decade.

Fortunately, greed wasn’t only for money. It was also for the fashion industry.

As a result, the fashion was completely changed. In the fashion industry, this period is known as an era of power dressing and embellishment. At that time, women understood that fashion is a great way to acquire authority.

Before the 1980s, there were only long and short ball gowns. After the 1980s, the mullet or fishtail also appeared.


  1. Rise of Multiculturism

The 1990s was a rise of multiculturism. Till the 1980s, fashion was pretty predictable.

What came during the 90s decade was rebellious. Do you know 3rd law of motion?

Yes, it applies to ball gowns too. End of the 80s equally and appositively reacted to the 90s trends.

Women of the 90s preferred simplicity over extravagant embellishments.

If you’re a gown lover from the 90s, you must be aware of iconic pink Ralph Lauren’s dress, who was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in 1999.

Ralph Lauren’s dress is still known as one of the most memorable red-carpet dresses of all time.


  1. The Aughts

The first decade of a century is called the aughts. With the beginning of 20th century, fashion trends were changing again. The most appraised classy gowns were affected by the trends.

The satin was introduced. Fishtails and bedazzles were not much wishful.

According to research, some celebrities wanted to go back to the 70s. The reason was quite simple – they wanted to breathe. The satin corsets in the 2000s were not cozy at all.


  1. Decade of Disruption

Although many unfortunate events occurred in the 2010s, the decade was really disruptive for the fashion industry as well.

In this decade, fashion designers did some unexpected experiments. Unusual sleeves and necklines were shaping the future of ball gowns.

Leg slit was something permanent in the 2010s decade. There was no formal dress without it.



Let’s Talk About Present

We’re at the beginning of another decade. In the present decade, trends have mixed up. Some women like embellished dresses, some like simple ones, and some even like slit.

When it comes to the gowns’ length, it depends on the event. If you want a wedding gown, you should opt for flooring gowns. If you want to visit a party, an ankle-length gown would be perfect.

At present, ball gowns are mostly picked in accordance with the body type. From our perspective, it’s good to follow your own path.


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