Ten Don 2 Dialogues to Tease Your Best Friend

Ten Don 2 Dialogues to Tease Your Best Friend

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Don 2 is one of the best movies of Shahrukh Khan. I must say – Farhan Akhtar did a great job. In fact, most fans are still waiting for Don 3. Are you one of them?

Anyway,  today we’re going to use don 2 dialogues as an advantage for teasing. Are you ready to have fun with your best friend?

Don 2 Dialogues


1. “I’m fond of Darkness. It kinda reminds me of your future.”

After getting faint or even dead, you’re going to see the dark color, right? Yes, Don is indirectly conveying that dangerous message.

Perhaps, he has shown himself as the reason for that darkness.


2. “Don Has Always Played His Move Before His Enemies.”

That’s how you dodge the enemy. I’m so impressed by this dialogue. It even works in real life.

Let’s imagine yourself throwing a punchline before your enemy. Yeah, it feels good to claim the throne. Even in the movie, Don was more conscious than anyone else.


3. “Don May Not Visit His Friends, But He Always Takes Care of His Enemies”

This is one of the most fantastic don 2 dialogues. And you know what? Don has shown his best trick.

We can apply it to business as well. It doesn’t matter whether you take care of your friends or not, but your enemies really matter. If you won’t keep up with them, you may get a surprise attack.


4. “If you’re in front of Don, you have two choices: Either die or accept!”

This Don 2 Dialogue is a gangsta one. I hope you won’t use it in front of a cop. As you know, you’re not the Don guy 🙂

But still, you can use it to make fun of your lonely friend. Make sure to make a perfect eye-contact before trying it.


5. “Who Said Miracles Don’t Happen? Take A Look At Me”

Don isn’t only the king of gangsters but also the con artist. What he does isn’t understandable. He can manipulate the police as well as gangsters way easily.

By the way, do you remember the ending of Don 2?


6. “As compared to King, A Minister Cares More About the Throne”

King is the one who designs everything in the back end. He always has a backup plan to save the throne. In case, if a king doesn’t have a backup plan, he may not be able to save the throne.

If we talk about the Minister, he’s the one who always plays on the battlefield. Along with the throne, he also has to care about King’s pride.


7. Strength is an Addiction and I’m The Maker of That Addiction

If you’re in a mood to brag about yourself, go ahead and try this don 2 dialogue.

The dialogue represents your strength in a detailed manner. I’m sure the other will have to think about it for a second.


8. People Compel me for Murder, I Don’t Kill

If you want to take your “don’t mess with me” look to on another level, you can simply say this out loud.


9. No Proof, No Guilt

If you’re not a guilty person, no one can call you guilty. Although the dialogue seems fictional, it somehow works.


10. Sir Sounds Too Noble, Call Me Don

If someone is calling you sir in a funny way, throw this dialogue right away.

Being a rapper, I’ve been told that you have to stay unpredictable. That’s how you get the audience’s attention. Although you’re not seeking any attention, this dialogue will surprise the other person.


Which Don 2 Dialogues Do You Like the Most?

Although all jokes are damn good, I’m in love with the last one. I don’t like to hear sir. In my freelance writing career, I’ve never said anyone sir either.

It’s the beginning of another decade, for how long are we going to follow the same old tradition?


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