Searching Movie Spoiler – Mystery Solved!

Searching Movie Spoiler

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Tell me the truth! Have you stopped watching the movie? Well, I’m here to give Searching movie spoiler.

But still, I wouldn’t recommend you to read this post if you have not watched the whole movie yet.

Search movie spoiler

If you’re someone who is here to solve the mystery – please back off! You don’t belong here. (sorry, I’m acting a bit rude)

When I was watching the movie, I was really hooked.

If you’re someone who loves mysterious movies, the Searching movie is the best one for you.

Alright! From now on, you can happily crush your best movie moment. Let me reveal the Searching movie spoiler.


How the Story Begins

searching movie spoiler

From my point of view, I can summarize the whole movie in one word – depression!

There is a happy family of 3 members in which mom, dad, and a daughter exist.

Suddenly, the mom dies because of cancer, which brings misery to the daughter and father’s life.


Who is the Most Depressed Family Member?

Searching movie spoiler

Margot Kim is the most depressed family member. After all, she used to play the piano with her mother.

It seems that she was feeling alone in her life. She never wanted to discuss the dead mother part with her father, David Kim.

As a result, she became friends with drugs. One night, she left the house in the name of a group study.

She told her dad that she will study at her friend’s home all night long.

Dad had no issues at all. The next day, David Kim finds out that Margot is missing.

And you know what? Here’s the first Searching movie spoiler, David Kim’s brother Peter was the person who helped her take drugs. 

By the way, he isn’t the reason for Margot’s vacation. 🙂


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Finding Margot

Are you ready for the second Searching movie spoiler?

A detective named Vick leads the case illegally. Although she was volunteering, she pretended to be the legal leader of the case.

She did all to save her own child, who recently stole $2,500 from Margot.

Vick’s boy was trying to return money to Margot the night she left group study.

No, Vick’s boy isn’t the culprit. The culprit is someone else.


Who’s The Real Culprit – Searching Movie Spoiler!

There are multiple culprits in the whole situation. Let me list them:

  • Peter Kim – Who gave drugs to Margot
  • Detective Vick – Who is making up a fake story to save her own child.
  • Detective’s Child – Who stole money from the Margot.
  • Drug Addict – The real culprit, who makes Margot sick.


Where’s Margot?

Here’s the last searching movie spoiler. No, she wasn’t dead at all. She was saved because of her father, David Kim.

I’ve never seen such an advanced father in my life. He researches everything on his own. And in the end, he beat the smart mind Detective Vick.

Okay, time to unwrap the whole story.

Margot found alive in a down falling valley. She is tied to a stretcher. I don’t know how – but she survived more than 3 days there without food and water.

It’s hard to resist the question – why she was there?

As much as I know – she ran away from the drug addict, who was trying to rape her. On her way to escape, Vick’s child finds her so that he can return her money.

Unfortunately, Margot thought that he’s there for the same purpose. So, she resists.

When they talk to each other, Margot suddenly falls down to the valley. Meanwhile, the boy got scared and returned home.

Her mom promised to cover up everything, which was even a big crime.


Was Searching Movie Good?

Yes, it’s an awesome movie. Although the trailer isn’t as good as the movie, you shouldn’t miss such a great movie. The way they have directed the whole movie in front of a computer – it requires a high level of creativity and consistency.

One more thing – if you’re going to watch this movie, you’re going to have a lot of plot surprises.

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