Never Kiss Your Best Friend Series Review

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Series Review

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Is someone here to read Never Kiss Your Best Friend Series Review?

Alright! You met the right person. I’ve just streamed Never Kiss Your Best Friend. Yeah! I’m pretty fast, what should I do? 🙂

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review

Believe it or not! Never Kiss Your Best Friend Series is a roller coaster of emotions. You will laugh, you will weep, you will love, you will shy, and you will even get angry.

Are you ready to go on a journey? Hold tight!


What Never Kiss Your Best Friend is About?

As the name suggests, the story is about two best friends of the opposite sex: Tanie Brar and Sumer Singh Dhillon.

I must say – the direction of Never Kiss Your Best Friend is super cool. The whole series runs around the past and present.


Warning: If you have relationship issues, your feelings may get hurt. Most importantly, I’m going to give almost every spoiler of Never Kiss Your Best.


Never Kiss Your Best Friend Plot

The story starts when Tanie and Sumer meet each other after 5 years.

Luckily, Tanie notices Sumer in a club. Somehow, all memories of her past flood back. She remembers how they were separated. And you know what? That’s how we meet our hero, Sumer Singh Dhillon.


The Beginning of Never Kiss Your Best Friend

When the series started, I literally laughed!

Before moving forward, let me tell you that Tanie Brar can speak multiple languages.

Tanie’s mother insists her to visit their neighbors. When they visit, Tanie’s mother and the Sumer’s mother (who is her neighbor) together have some chit chat.

The funny thing is – In the middle of this, Tanie’s mother brags to Sumer’s mother about her speaking abilities. In fact, she asks Tanie to tell her name in other languages like Russian.

The poor Tanie takes a break and goes to the bathroom.


How Tanie and Sumer Meet?

On one end, Tanie is peeing. On the other, Sumer is masturbating so fast 😀

Suddenly, Tanie realizes, something is going wrong. She says, “what the hell.”

Sumer puts off his headphones and says, “Hey! What’s up. You know? It’s really fun to watch in HD quality.”

This is the moment. I laughed so hard!


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How Tanie and Sumer Become Best Friends

After such an awkward meet up, they met each other outside the toilet.

When Sumer tried to shake hands with Tanie, she simply said Namaste. As you know, how awkward the situation has become.

However, Tanie and Sumer slowly find out that they’re similar to each other. They started to meet each other on a daily basis. That’s how they become best friends.


When Do Tanie and Sumer Kiss Each Other?

Tanie and Sumer become true best friends. They were helping each other for real.

In the beginning, Sumer helps Tanie out.

Tanie was in a relationship with an intelligent guy, who is a real playboy. Sumer was reluctant to accept that guy. So, he reveals the true face of the guy.

Again! Tanie fell in love with the cousin of Laiqa (Sumer’s girlfriend).

When Sumer finds out that Kabir is gay, he asks him, “Why were you dating Tanie?”

Once Kabir starts spitting truth – Sumer becomes single!

Laiqa was too jealous of Tanie. She didn’t want Sumer with her. So, she was the one who forced Kabir to stay with Tanie.

If we talk about Tanie, she helps Sumer discover that his mother was in an open marriage.

Sumer wanted to become a videography artist. His father forced him to do an MBA. Although he didn’t like his father, he did an MBA for the sake of his mother’s love.

When Sumer finds out that her mother doesn’t love him. He began to do some drugs. Basically, he emotionally becomes unstable. At that moment, Tanie helps him emotionally.

Unfortunately, they soon separate from each other due to misunderstandings and egos.

Now you must be wondering – where’s the kiss?

Such an emotional attachment changed into romance.

It’s really challenging to represent the whole story in a short article. Anyway, they kiss two times.

  • First – After Tanie’s first breakup.
  • Second – In the ending of Never Kiss Your Best Friend.


Is Never Kiss Your Best Friend Worth Watching?

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review

If you have romantic issues with your best friend, you should think twice. As I said, the series is a roller coaster of emotions.

If you have proposed your best friend and got rejected several times, this series isn’t for you. However, if you still want to get hurt, you may go ahead.

By the way, if you’re a single person like me, you’re going to enjoy the whole story.

I would like to place this story in a comedy, drama, and romance genre.

At last, whatever they’ve shown in the story rarely happens in real life. Try not to relate that mess with your life. 🙂


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