Money Heist Part 1 Episode 2 Summary

504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out


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Are you ready for Money Heist Part 1 episode 2 summary? Well, I’m more than ready. The series is going great so far.

Money Heist Part 1 Episode 2 Summary

If you have read the Money Heist Part 1 episode 1 summary, you must be worried about the plan.

Aren’t you? Don’t worry! I don’t break promises. I will get in more detail this time.

Let’s start with the characters first.

  1. Tokyo – A high tempered girl
  2. Berlin – A psychotic mind who can die for art
  3. Moscow – A brilliant father
  4. Denver – A great son (Moscow’s son)
  5. Oslo – A silent man
  6. Helsinki – A damn cute gay
  7. Rio – a boyfriend and newborn criminal
  8. Professor – the mastermind


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What’s the Money Heist Plan About?

The professor has decided to invade the Royal Mint of Spain. And you know what? He has made 67 hostages so far.

The professor simply wants to get time. The more time he gets, the more money he makes. How? Well, he’s printing money inside the Royal Mint of Spain. He won’t let anyone come inside unless the job gets done.

As per the plan, the whole team wants to print 2.4 billion euros, which is enough for even the later generations.


What’s the First Rule of Money Heist?

The professor has made a flawless plan. In fact, I admire his level of thinking. He doesn’t leave a clue or hole while making a plan.

The first rule of Money Heist is – there will be no relationships. Unfortunately, Rio and Tokyo fall in love. But still, that doesn’t break the plan much.

However, the list doesn’t end here. There are many rules to be considered.



The Negotiation Begins

Here the time comes when the professor asks Raquel, “What are you wearing?”

I thought the professor was a bit nervous. Actually, he wasn’t. He was just trying to understand the psychology of the inspector, Raquel.

You won’t believe that the professor has grown up while studying books. The reason is – he was suffering from a disorder. He has no other thing to do. As a result, he has become way smarter than the average human being.


Money Heist Part 1 Episode 2 Summary Ending

The professor is a bit teasy. The intelligence head is also worried about the Brand Ambassador’s daughter, Alison Parker. Now the respect is at stake. The police can’t wait much. So, they decide to break inside the Royal Mint. But wait! Are we forgetting that the professor is smart?

The professor arranges a browning machine gun. So, the police team is at aim. Undoubtedly, they have to step back.

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