Money Heist Part 1 Episode 1 Summary

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“My name is Tokyo” – When that voice traveled through my eardrums, I sensed something good. I must say – the first impression left an impact on my mind. It felt like something thrilling is building up.

Money Heist Part 1 Episode 1 Summary

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Money Heist Part 1 Episode 1 Plot

Money Heist Part 1 Episode 1 Plot starts with a woman, Tokyo. No, that’s not her real name.

If we talk about her occupation, she’s a high-class thief. Currently, she is running from the FBI because she is one of the most wanted thieves already.

The main leader of the Heist, professor somehow finds Tokyo and saves her life. In addition, he also offers her billion-dollar heist participation.


Money Heist Con Artists

There are more than 5 main con artists in Money Heist. Among them, the professor seems to be the smartest one. In fact, he’s the one who makes the whole plan.

The professor names everyone based on a city. From Berlin to Tokyo – many names are there. What if someone was from Missipi, Mississip, Misspipi, DAMN!!! I can’t pronounce it. Anyway, you must have heard about it.

He believes that we study in a college and get nothing from there in 5 years. Can’t we invest 5 months to earn a lot of money?


Money Heist First Plan

Honestly, I don’t know myself yet. I have watched only two episodes so far. But still, what I can see is – they are planning something really big.

The professor claims to all team members, “Even kids of your kids won’t have to work ever again.”

The professor is doing something unique that you can’t think. One thing is for sure – the series is good enough to make you think.


Is Money Heist Part 1 Worth Watching?

From my perspective, Money Heist seems to be a good series. I personally love series like these. What I like the most is its storyline. It will force you to think. If you have a problem-solving mind like mine, you will stick to the series for sure.

Okay, it seems like I have reviewed instead of giving a summary. Well, you have not seen Money Heist yet. It would be tough for you to understand the summary that way. So, that’s why I have mentioned the whole summary just like a review.

I promise that the next episode summary would be more interesting, informational and structured.

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