Marvel Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1 Review

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A beggar comes and says, “that’s my building.”

“You should sell it and buy some shoes.” – Is this only a joke? Okay, let me do the Marvel Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1 Review so that we can find out.


Marvel Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1 Plot

Danny Rand belongs to a rich family. After a plane crash, his family died. Somehow, he survived the crash.

He returns back home after 15 years.

Now you must be wondering, why? Well, Danny Rand was training in Kun Lun. It’s a 2 dimension place that shows up on earth after every 15 years.

Therefore, he was training there for 15 years. Now he’s the only one, who can destroy the hand. I’m still not sure who is Hand.

Anyway, he has gained some deja vu magical powers, which can let him turn his fist on iron mode.


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Marvel Iron Fist Beginning

Danny Rand enters his father’s property. It’s a corporate building with a lot of security. When Danny asks the receptionist, “Hey! I’m Danny Rand. Can I meet Mr. Harold?”

Unfortunately, Danny is looking like a beggar. No one understands who is he.

The receptionist calls the security guard to throw him out. As a matter of fact, Danny Rand is a martial arts warrior. He beats around 6 men and gets into Ward’s office.


How is Danny Rand Related to the Meachums

For us, Danny Rand is a fictional character from the Iron Fist. In the series, Danny Rand is a rich man, who is living the life of a beggar.

In such a lavish world, Meachum family is not recognizing him because he owns 51% shares of the company. If they accept him publicly, they will lose money.

Joy Meachum is the only good woman in the family. She seems to accept him as Danny Rand.


Is Danny Rand Rich?

Technically, Danny Rand is a rich person until the family denies it. It’s up to the story of the series. I have not yet watched the whole series.

What if Danny show up as a villain? I know – the probability of happening so is too less. What if it happens?


Why is Danny Rand So Naive

First of all, he offers his martial art services to a gym. Seriously man? How can you teach someone your warrior art for money? In old kung fu movies, a learner had to do a lot of things to attain a potent art.

In Iron Fist, the master is himself teaching lessons.

Second, he should get clean so that the world can care about what he says. Due to his carelessness, he ends up in a mental hospital.


Marvel Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Although Danny Rand character seems stupid, there’s some mystery. I don’t know about you but I’m in love with mysteries and thrill. If you ask my opinion, I would definetely recommend this series. It’s not that boring 🙂

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