Kiara Advani’s Guilty Movie Review and Spoilers Revealed

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After a long time, I’m back to write Kiara Advani’s Guilty movie review. If you’re a big fan of Kiara Advani, you must be dying to watch it. Aren’t you?

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Kiara Advani. So, my opinion is going to be as true as a school teacher.

Guilty Movie Review

If you’re from India, you must be aware of the #metoo trend. Basically, the whole movie revolves around a rape case. A girl named Tanu files a rape FIR against the heart robber of the college, Vijay Pratap Singh.

Now the question is – Is V.P.S (Vijay Pratap Singh) really guilty? Let me remove every peel of the story.


Is Guilty Movie Good for Kids?

The movie has some sexually explicit scenes. Apart from this, the dialogues contain some really heartwarming abusive dialogues 🙂

Make sure your kids don’t watch them at an early age. Otherwise, they may end up saying things you don’t like.


Guilty Movie Cast Performance

Guilty movie cast performance is outstanding. From villain to heroes – everyone is doing their role amazingly. I must say – most people will watch the movie because of Kiara Advani’s beauty.

Kiara’s acting has proved that her talent is way better than her beauty.

Tanu and Vijay Pratap Singh seem a bit average artists. However, I respect their talent. It takes effort to reach this far.

Danish impressed me as an honest lawyer. His acting seems relevant to the whole storyline.


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Guilty Movie Storyline

Why would a heart robber boyfriend of a heart robber girlfriend rape a girl? Yes, it’s a mystery movie.

On one end, you may feel like Vijay Pratap Singh is the culprit. On the other, it feels like Tanu is the culprit. In the middle of this, the spoonfeeding parents of Vijay Pratap Singh try to manipulate the system. Of course, they want to win the case against Tanu.

Nanki (Kiara) and Danish are the only lovers of truth.


Guilty Movie Spoiler

Do you think Tanu is just getting fame? Do you think Vijay Pratap Singh is innocent? In the beginning, I thought the same. The truth is – Vijay Pratap Singh is not innocent. He actually raped Tanu during the night of valentine’s day.

In fact, Kiara is also a victim. In the end, she mentions that she was raped by her father when she was only 13.

Don’t you think that the Guilty movie is based on a true story? You must have heard the same stories before.


Is Guilty Worth Watching?

Yes, Guilty is a worth watching movie. It’s a one-time movie. If you’re a woman, you will be able to relate it the most. If you’re a man, you can still relate it. When I was a kid, my grandpa used to say – you should always learn from people’s success AND MISTAKES.

I’m not here to convey the idea that all men are rapists.

Men with a rapist mindset will definitely learn a lesson from this movie. According to statistics, it appears that drunk men and women tend to do indulge in such acts more than sobers. A little mistake may destroy your identity. Be safe!

If you’re the victim, fight beyond the edge for justice. Everyone is with you 🙂

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