Is Mirzapur Better Than Sacred Games?

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“Is Mirzapur Better than Sacred Games?” – the same question popped in my mind.

Sacred Games vs Mirzapur

I am not sure whether you have watched these series or not. So, I am assuming that you have neither watched Sacred Games nor Mirzapur.

One thing is for sure – both series will give you a gangsta vibe. Mirzapur and Sacred Games – both series are phenomenal. It gets tough to pick the best one. Don’t worry! I’m going to tell you about my true experience.


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Mirzapur is an exciting series for men. Women may not like it that much. The story of Mirzapur revolves around two young brothers: Bablu and Guddu Pandit.

When it comes to occupation, Bablu and Guddu are college students. Their father is an honest lawyer from the great Mirzapur.

Unluckily, things go bad in a systematic manner. In the beginning, Munna (Son of Mirzapur’s Don Akhanandan Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya) shoots a groom by mistake.

Therefore, the groom’s family tries to file a case against Munna. Literally, no one in the town is ready to take the case. On the other hand, Bablu and Guddu’s father, Ramakant Pandit is waiting to take that case.

The real story begins when Munna visits Ramakant Pandit’s house. He scares him off to take the case back. Unfortunately, Ramakant’s whole family beat Munna and his friends.

After hearing such terrible news, Kaleen Bhaiya calls out Guddu and Bablu only. Unexpectedly, Kaleen Bhaiya hires both guys. Isn’t it interesting?

Bablu and Guddu Pandit together make Kaleen Bhaiya’s illegal business profitable.

Munna gets jealous because Guddu and Bablu Pandit are running the business just like owners. On the other hand, Guddu is in a relationship with Munna’s crush. Yes, that’s terrible.

In the end, Munna kills Bablu and Guddu runs away. That’s how the story goes.


Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one of the best series I have ever watched. There’s nothing much to explain about the series. If I explain the suspense, the best fun of your life will be spoiled.

Mirzapur doesn’t have any suspense. On the other hand, the story of Sacred Games has layers like Onion.

If we compare Gaitonde, Bunty, Kaleen Bhaiya, and Munna’s dialogue, Gaitonde and Bunty seem to be a winner.

Anyway, the story begins from a gangster named Gaitonde.

Gaitonde is an ordinary gangster, who wants to dominate Mumbai. On his way to becoming Don, he discovers several other mysterious matters in the world.


Sacred Games vs Mirazpur – Which is Best?

Believe it or not! Both series are good enough. You don’t need to ignore any of them. If you are still want to know the best one, then I would like to claim that Sacred Games is best.

I must say – Sacred Games is a masterpiece. I have never seen a story like that in my life.

But still, we shouldn’t forget the fact that Sacred Games and Mirzapur – both are memorable series.

If I need to put series in “before dying must watch” series, I will definitely put Sacred Games and Mirzapur on that list.


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