Is Jexi A Good Movie? – Let’s See!

Recently, a friend of mine asked, “Is Jexi A Good Movie.”

“What the hell mate, haven’t you seen it yet.” Yes, that’s how I replied.

Jexi movie gives you a perspective. If your life isn’t going well, you will relate it the most. It’s a journey of a guy, who goes from a zombie to an alive life.

Is Jexi A Good Movie?

Has life ever punched you so badly? What would you do? Will you fight or tolerate it?

Let me give you a proper storyline of the Jexi movie so that you can get whether it’s a good match or not.


Who is Jexi?

Jexi is an artificial intelligence, which is designed to make your life better. It’s embedded in the mobile phone.

Jexi acts pretty much like a human. She pushes you off the limits to create a better version of you. And you know what? She abuses, taunts, and reveals your secrets in front of public like an evil soul.

Without a villain, there’s no fun in a movie. I can’t say that Jexi is a villain. But still, she is not less than that for our hero.


Jexi Movie Beginning

A guy, Phil moves across the street. Somehow, he clashes with a woman. In such a clash, he breaks his phone. If you love your phone, you can imagine how bad it feels when it breaks.

Phil is really attached to this phone. From organizing to finding routes on the road – he uses it for almost every task. He can’t live without a phone for even a second.


Some Amazing Jexi Movie Quotes & Dialogues

Some movies come with awesome quotes while some don’t. Jexi movie quotes are funny as well as inspirational. Let me show you some.

  • Yesterday isn’t that many days ago
  • Being Virgin is a great thing. And I’m proud of it
  • We are going to be together forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. LOL!
  • OMG! Are you internet stalking this poor girl?
  • You can buy a thousand phones and I can follow you on every single of them


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Is Jexi Rated R

Yes, Jexi is rated R because of its strong language. The movie has some cursing words, nudity, drug abuse, and things that are not appropriate for every user.

If you’re planning to watch it with family, I must admit the fact that it’s not a great idea.


Jexi Movie Ending

In the end, Jexi completes her mission. Therefore, Phil learns and accepts that the phone isn’t his world. There’s also an outer world, which exists for real.

The funny thing is – just like a human being, Jexi falls in love with Phil. Moreover, she tries very hard to be in a relationship with Phil. Perhaps, that’s why she plays an evil role in the middle of the movie.

Eventually, she also understands that humans and technology can never be in a romantic relationship.


Is Jexi A Good Movie?

Yes, Jexi is a good movie. It gives you a different perspective on life. If you’re a phone addict, you will definitely relate it with your ones.

Basically, the movie is packed with thrill, sadness, humor, and inspiration.



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