Is it A Good Idea to Use Saliva as A Lubricant During Intercourse?

Do you think it's a good idea to use Saliva as Lubricant?

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Are you experiencing a rough day or a rough? Okay, we get it. Well, that’s why you are here. Saliva is one of the most traditional lubricants that couples use during intercourse. In fact, this lubricant is free and time-efficient. Why won’t they use it?

But you know what? It’s a bit dangerous to get the help of your own saliva during sex. Let us tell you three reasons to not use Saliva as a lube:


Reason #1 – Do You Love Sexually Transmitted Infections?

We know your reaction. You may say, “What kind of question is that?” Right?

But yes, any STI in the throat or mouth of your partner may transmit through saliva to your genitals. We’re not claiming that it will definitely happen but one of the most famous doctors of United States, Dr Gersh explains that it will be most likely to occur. She said you can’t see the infection with naked eyes.

Both partners may get affected by oral STIs like Herpes, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis, and Trichomoniasis. Apart from this, the female partner may also get a yeast infection because of the enzymes present in the mouth.


Reason #2 – Why Don’t You Try It Out?

What? Seriously? Why should one try out when it’s so unhealthy?

Those who have tried it claim that it’s not a satisfactory lube. It doesn’t obligate its duty correctly. We use it to make the action slippery, but it makes it a bit watery. Moreover, it also gets dry quickly, which means the lubrication doesn’t even last long.

It’s surprising to note that the female partner may experience wear and tear down there because of the instant dryness of saliva.


Reason #3 – You Don’t Want to Mess Up with Your Mood

Look! We don’t know who is going to use Saliva, but we know that any one of you can possibly have bacteria in the mouth which can create an odor. There’s a sulphur producing bacteria on the surface of tongue and throat that may make the saliva smell bad. Many studies have also proved the fact that those odors which smell good make people feel good, and those which don’t, make them feel bad.

So, the overall experience of intercourse may not be satisfactory because of saliva’s bad smell.

Drop the plan of using saliva and pay attention to what we’re going to say.


What is Better Than Saliva?

Some couples use cooking coconut oil because they love to be natural. We recommend you to not use it because it may cause vaginal infection because of the incompatible PH levels.

There are many types of lubricant products available in the market. Some couples use water-based, some use silicone-based, and some even use oil-based lubricants. Now it’s up to you what suits you best. Why don’t you try every single of lube to bring out the best one for yourself?

If you have ever used any of the mentioned lubricants in the past, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.



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