Is Good Newwz Hit or Flop?

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“Is Good Newwz hit or flop?” – That’s what most Bollywood fans wondering at the moment. Good Newwz is a next-generation movie.

Is Good Newwz Hit or Flop?

Good Newwz is based on a really great concept. Almost every married couple must watch it. But before moving forward, I would like to admit that the movie is good for seeking inspiration. If you’re in a mood for entertainment, you should not watch it all.


Good Newwz Movie Important Details

Good News Release Date: 27 December 2019

Genre: Comedy-Drama and Educational

IMDB Ratings: 7.2/10

Budget: 60 Crores

Like Ratio: 91%


Good Newwz Storyline

The storyline of Good Newwz is unique and educational for parents. In such a messy world, a couple is struggling to have a child. Just like anyone else, they don’t adopt a child.

As you know, everyone loves their own genes and blood. No one is ready to take care of someone else’s genes.

Note: If you can’t have a kid, you should adopt someone. You can make one life better. There’s no need for running towards our own gene or blood. Sometimes, our own blood doesn’t bring relief.

The couple tries some scientific manual technique of having a child, which makes their life messy.


Where Can We Watch Good Newwz? 

Good Newwz movie is available on Amazon Prime. If you have the subscription, it’s great. If you don’t have Amazon Prime subscription, you can get at it. After all, it’s very cheap.

If spending money on movies isn’t your cup of tea, you can download Good Newwz movie for free from any torrent or website.


Can Kids Watch Good Newwz?

From an artistic point of view, I don’t think that kids will get the concept. The concept is about artificial fertilization. Two couples from different families visit a medical center. Let’s say their names are:

  • A – Female
  • B – Male
  • C – Female
  • D  – Male

A & B and C & D are couples.

When sperm of B male mixes with C female and sperm of D male with A female, things become really ugly and unacceptable for both couples.


Good Newwz Ending

In the end, both couples understand their emotional values and move on.

Although story writers of Good Newwz have not presented what both couples decide, they have shown how A, B, C, D ended up like a family.

I think that there should be a part 2 of it. When kids grow up, a lot of things happen to them.


Is Good Newwz Worth Watching?

Should we consider Good Newwz as a hit or flop? Well, Good Newwz is worth watching because it gives you a new perspective on life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single or married person – if you will ever face problem in having a child, you will do the right thing.

Apart from all the educational stuff, you will like the comedy as well.

Akshay Kumar and Diljit Dosanjh – both actors have done it well. I must say – Being a great singer, he performed just like a highly experienced actor.




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