Is Countdown Movie Scary – Spoiler!

“Is Countdown movie scary?”

Are you looking for the above question? Well, Countdown is a REALLY REALLY scary movie. I recommend you to watch it at night.

Is countdown movie scary?

The audio and visuals of the Countdown movie are scary. Most importantly, its storyline is perfect.

Anyway, let me tell you almost everything about the movie so that you can decide on your own.


Countdown Movie Plot 

The movie starts at a party where a group of friends plays games. After getting bored, one of the friends from the group gets to know about the Countdown app.

The countdown is basically an app, which decides how long are you going to live. Isn’t it funny?

Believe it or not! This app has made Countdown movie scary.

All friends together install the Countdown app. A girl, Courtney from the group realizes that she has only a few hours left.

As she leaves the party, she feels a little scary because of the app. Therefore, she ditches the ride of her drunk boyfriend. As a matter of fact, she still dies when the countdown’s timer stops.


How Far Does This Go?

The night Courtney’s boyfriend Evan was ditched. He had an accident. (No, he’s not dead!)

Such an incident scares the hell out of Evan. When he looked at the phone, Countdown timer shows an unacceptable time. He started to get serious about the app. As a result, he gets afraid of surgery.


The Girl Who Beat Countdown App

When Evan gets desperate, he looks pretty sad to the nurse, Quinn. Yes, the girl who can beat the Countdown app.

When she asks him what’s wrong, she gets to know about the app. Being a normal woman, she ends the conversation saying, “cool down! It’s just an app.”


Is Countdown App Real?

If we talk about the movie, it’s real. If we talk about reality, no it’s fake!

Anyway, the same question Quinn asks herself. She thought, “is countdown scary? Let’s find out!”

She installed the app to experiment and told her co-workers too. When she installed the app, she feels a bit nervous after seeing that she will die soon.

What is countdown movie about

You must be thinking that the Countdown app is a terrorist kind of thing. When I first saw it happening, it seemed that a terrorist has made an app to kill people swiftly.

Later on, I understood that it’s a modern version of an old spirit or ghost, which tells people about their death. It’s like a curse. Once you install it and accept the agreement, you’re supposed to die according to the time Countdown gives you.


And the Countdown Rivalry Begins

When Quin installs the app, she starts to get life-threatening hints around her. She fights for her life and goes to the mobile shop. Of course, she wants to delete the app, which has become truly impossible.

When she goes to the shop, she meets another man, who’s running for his life.

They together visit a Deja Vu guy, who tells them that it’s like a modern version of an old-spirit or ghost.


Countdown Movie Ending Explained

The Deja Vu guy tells them that the app is a curse. To break the curse, you need to prove it wrong.

Suddenly, the Deja Vu Master gets an idea. He tells them that if you can live more than the app’s timer, you can prove it wrong and break the curse.

He also makes a magical circle so that they can stay alive for longer. Somehow, when the time comes, the Countdown app’s spirit manipulates the mind of the guy Quinn met at the mobile shop.

He goes out of the circle and dies.

The story goes and the girl tries to break the curse. She decides to kill the senior bad guy, who was trying to sexually harass her back then.

This will break the curse. If someone dies before the time, you prove it wrong.

The spirit is so smart. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let Quinn kill the bad guy.

In the end, Quinn decides to kill herself. (No, she doesn’t kill herself)

On her hand, she writes the name of a chemical, which can bring back her heartbeat.

She injects a chemical to stop her heartbeat. The scary Countdown spirit gets to know that the curse is breaking. It gets destroyed and disappears.

If we talk about Quinn’s life, her younger sister reads the written quote on her hand and injects the chemical to bring her heartbeat back.

By the way, this is not the end. After getting out such a trap, Quinn receives a message on her mobile phone, “Countdown 2.0 updated.”

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