Is Code 8 A Worth Watching Movie?

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“Is Code 8 A Worth Watching Movie?”

Code 8 movie is based on metahumans. From my perspective, it’s an average movie. If you want to watch something, you better find something good. In fact, the story seems copied.

Code 8 quotes

I know – I have made a bold statement about the movie. But sorry! I am not here to lie.

From Code 8 quotes to ending – I’m here to rate the whole movie in a couple of minutes.


Code 8 Plot 

There are only two main characters in the story: Connor and his mom. Without them, no one on earth can make this movie.

Anyway, Connor is in a world where so many psychics exists. I don’t know how. Perhaps, it’s parallel world 😀

Connor belongs to a psychic family. Back then, his father was in the wrong business. Therefore, some really bad guys killed Conor’s father. REALLY REALLY BAD GUYS. (Hope you can’t sleep now)

Connor’s mom raised him without the use of superpowers. He works as a labor to take care of the family’s financial condition.

If we talk about this mom, she also works in a store. However, she’s suffering from a disease. (who knows what kind of disease)

As a matter of fact, Connor’s mother is about to die. Without money, he wouldn’t be able to save his mom.


What’s Good About 8 Movie?

Connor is a psychic who produces electricity. I was hoping that he will do something crazy like an iron man.

I was so unfortunate. Till the end, I didn’t see anything like that coming. The good thing is – it kept me hooked till the ending of Code 8 movie.

In short, we can say that you won’t get bored.



What’s Wrong About Code 8 Movie

It’s a typical old story. They have just modified it with Sci-Fi.

Look! There’s a desperate young man. He wants to earn money so that he can save his mom. So, he joins psychic criminals.

What’s so different about it?

Nothing! They have just added some pretty average psychics in the movie. I must say – Marvel fans should stay away from this crap.


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What Code 8 is About?

At first, I thought it’s some sort of mission. As the movie began, I realized that it was a drug that made many people psychic.

Oh no! I’m not completely sure about it. Unfortunately, they have not explained it well. 


Code 8 Ending Explained

Connor had two options two save his mother. The first was to earn money, which he couldn’t because his psychic criminal boss, Marcus Sutcliffe messed up in the end.

The second way is the healer psychic. Somehow, Connor kills Marcus and threatens the healer to save his mother.

Soon he realizes that if healer saves his mom, she would die.

Being a good man, he decides to save healer’s life. He didn’t want her dead.


Is Code 8 Worth Watching?

Code 8 is a one-time movie. There’s nothing special about the movie. As I have mentioned earlier, they have altered a basic theme to write the storyline of Code 8.

One thing is for sure – you won’t feel bored!


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