Is 6 Underground Worth Watching?

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“Is 6 Underground worth watching?”

6 Underground is a rated R movie. If you have any impulsive disorder, you shouldn’t watch the movie at all. It may disturb you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Is 6 Underground Worth Watching

To answer this question, I would like to give you a lot of 6 Underground spoilers. Without them, it won’t be easy to understand whole concept of the movie.


6 Underground – The Beginning

The first thing you will notice in the movie is the car chase. In movies, we often see car chases when a thief robs something. Unfortunately, the case is a bit different here. If you were expecting thieves, you’re watching the wrong movie.

But still, the movie is worth watching. If you’re in a bad mood, you will be thrilled.

Alright! Keep everything aside. The concept of 6 underground movie makes it worth watching. Let me tell you why.


6 Underground Movie Story Concept

“I know what happens when you die.” – Yes, the whole movie revolves around such a silly quote. A tech billionaire fakes his death and makes a team of up to 6 members.

According to the narrator, the world is covered up with red-tape, which can’t be removed with even a million-dollar sword. By the way, among all 6 Underground dialogues, I’m in love with this one.

The only way is – you have to get out of it. After faking death, all 6 members get out of the system to mess up with the traitor, Rovach.

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Why 6 Underground Not in Theaters

Man! This movie is R rated for a reason.

Some scenes in the movie are not made for everyone. If you can’t see blood, you may hesitate to watch it. Here’s what you may see:

  • A gouged eyeball
  • A semi-surgery
  • Bullets going through the bodies
  • A broken head of a girl

Yes, that’s a hell a lot of trouble for a weak-hearted person.


Is 6 Underground A One-Time Movie?

We human beings perceive things differently. From my perspective, 6 Underground is a one-time movie.

Now you must be wondering – why? Well, the only thing that I loved about movie is concept. Apart from it, everything is worth watching for the first time. You can’t just watch it on loop.


6 Underground Movie Ending

The ending of 6 Underground isn’t disappointing. All members of the 6 Underground team utilize power of the super magnet to fight Rovach’s soldiers.

In the end, the real heroes win and kill the traitor.

No, I won’t tell you in detail. I have already given enough spoilers. I don’t want to spoil your experience.


Is 6 Underground Worth Watching?

Of course, you should watch 6 Underground. There’s only one thing that I can guarantee – you won’t feel bored while watching 6 Underground.

The director has added a little bit of everything. From romance to action, comedy to thrill, a story to creative cinematography – everything is packed in one thing.


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