Marvel Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Hello mate! I’m back again to present Iron Fist season 1 episode 2 review.

When it comes to Marvel, we expect powerful scenes. Unfortunately, Iron Fist is not even near those expectations.

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 2 Review

In fact, most people are wondering – why Danny Rand is so weak?

Although Danny Rand claims to be the strongest warrior, he seems to be an emotionally disturbed person.

Is Danny Rand really weak? Let’s find out.


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Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 2 Plot

The Meachums have sent Danny to a mental hospital. They want him to accept any other identity so that they can keep the remaining 51% shares of the company.

In the mental hospital, a doctor believes that Danny Rand is a mental person, who is living in an imaginary world.

Therefore, Danny Rand explains how his plane crashes in the Himalayas.

He also tells that he was saved by two monks and trained in Kun Lun, a 2 dimension place that appears on earth every 15 years.


How Danny Rand Convinces the Doctor?

On one end, Danny Rand convinces the doctor. On the other, he uses his Iron Fist to break the hospital’s front door.

The doctor shows a commercial ad to make Danny realize that he’s living in an imaginary world.

Unexpectedly, things take a U-turn because of Danny’s memories. He told the doctor that his father insisted him to do that commercial ad. In addition, his dad also bribed him about the Circus afterward the commercial ad act.

To confirm the incident, the doctor calls Joy and asks her about that day. Well, the truth is truth – the doctor understood that Danny wasn’t lying.

The funny moment is – when the doctor starts to believe that Danny’s not a mental person, he suddenly tells him about the Iron Fist. In that case, the doctor had to reconsider his decision.


How Danny Rand Proves His Identity to Joy

When Danny and Joy were kids, they used to hate brown M&M marbles. (It’s kind of candy)

Joy is a bit compassionate. Somewhere deep inside, she feels that Danny Rand is telling truth about himself.

She decides to send M&M marbles to Danny Rand. When Danny receives those M&M marbles, he sends them back to Joy without brown marbles. Hence, he proves his identity.


Should We Watch Iron Fist More?

If you’re a storyline lover like me, you may watch Iron Fist. I love the way they have entangled multiple things around one man.

In case, if you’re in love with marvelous magical fights, you shouldn’t watch it further. I’m sure, you will get bored!



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