7 Movies Based on Virus Outbreak

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On one end, a lot of people are dying. On the other, people are having fun with their life. To be honest, we’re not sure about the last day of our life. So, why shouldn’t we enjoy it till the very last?

Movies based on virus outbreak

From your home to the store – Coronavirus is everywhere. Some of you must be living in quarantine.


1. The Last Man on Earth

Although the movie has been taken out from a novel, “I am legend.” The movie tells us about the plague, which has wiped out the entire world.

If you want to know, what is it like to be the last man on earth – you may see Phil Miler living as the only survivor on earth.


2. Contagion

If you’re also obsessed with Coronavirus, Contagion is the most relatable movie ever. In fact, some people are even wondering – “was writer aware of the Coronavirus outbreak.”

The story of Contagion seems too similar to the current pandemic.


3. Outbreak

In Outbreak, the virus takes birth from the air. The story represents the lavish behavior of human beings.

When some really bad people try to smuggle an infected monkey to the US, an outbreak takes place in the beautiful city of California.


4. The Stand

The Stand movie’s story is quite simple. When a serious outbreak wipes out almost the entire universe, there exist two kinds of people – good and bad.

And you know what? They clash together. To find out who wins, you need to see the whole movie. I won’t give spoilers 🙂


5. 28 Days Later

In “28 days later,” the virus spreads through the blood. In the upcoming 28 days, a lot happens in the story.

Somehow, the people of the story realize that the matter is more than just a virus.

What it could be? Well, you have to find it yourself.


6. Residental Evil

If you have already watched Resident Evil, you must be aware of the fact that it’s one of the greatest virus outbreak movies. Most importantly, there are many parts of the movie, which won’t let you get bored in quarantine.

By the way, the virus of Residental Evil turns humans into eating monsters.


7. Maggie

No, this movie isn’t about noodles. And why would anyone make such a movie? C’mon – the shares of Maggie may decrease exponentially.

When the terror spreads, the daughter of the hero gets infected. Do you know – who’s the hero? Our hero is Arnold. If you’re his true fan, you can watch this movie. Moreover, the story is quite interesting.


Which Movie Should You Watch First?

Look! My opinion is not biased at all. All movies are based on a virus outbreak. You can watch them all. But still, the matter is – if you’re living in quarantine, you should watch Contagion first. The movie relates a lot to the Coronavirus.

If you’re still underestimating Coronavirus, you should definitely watch Contagion. It’s entertaining as well informative.

Anyway, most of your friends must be watching the same movie.

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